predict what shift in mean bell curve will look like for empl rating data scale 1-5


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Right now I have the regression equation to predict the STI%bonus based on their Rating but I also want to see the how the dist. curve will look as it shifts to the right
since max rating is 5

Here is the link to my excel file - post

I am Really trying to show(predict) how the Bell curve(how high and wide if there is a shift in the %stiBonus to 175% and 200% -
I know it should be an Odd shape since - no ratings over 5 - but not sure mathematically how to predict what the curve - should look like if the avg. rating is say 4.6 or again the %sTI bonus is higher - and WHAT % of EMPLOYEES WOULD BE at those levels with the SHIFT!!

The target high and target low are dictated by corporate - but if I incorporate what you indicate the Target should be - Can you show me How the NEW bell curve may look if the Avg rating is moved to 4.5 - trying to figure How the Rt. side would look - and how to predict the STI%bonus based on the regression LIne -

Can I create a Regression equation with all 3 variable - rating, %of Employees and STI%Bonus.

Also want to be able to show what the bell curve would look like if the %Sti payout is 175% and/or 200%

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