Predictive model for Turnover - Correlation or Survival Analysis

Question 1 - I a working on developing a model to predict employee turnover. The variables that I have are age, tenure, job satisfaction, role clarity etc. Through research papers I have found the correlation coefficient for these variables but I am not sure on how to develop a model around it?? Some leads on how to go ahead with this??

Question 2 - Can these variable be used in survival analysis models like Cox??

Which technique would be better.

I am new to statistics but ready to learn :)


TS Contributor
Survival analysis is a time to an event analysis. If you are analyzing time till turnover, they would be appropriate and a proportional hazards model would allow you to include variables such as those you mentioned.
Can you please tell some way around for question 1 as well..

I have correlation values of various factors with turnover but how to use them in a predictive model??