Preparing the data: from scales to factors

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing the analysis of my sample. I received my instructions but I am not 100% percent sure that I am on the right track. Therefore, I wish to ask for your help.

It is about how to ... let's say "summarize" my independent variables. I have two of them, and they are measured by several question (in 7-point Likert scales). My final goal is to run a Two-way ANOVA using those variables on all my dependent variables.

My two variables are "familiarity" and "attractiveness". I firstly combined all the cases for the respective variable (by assigning the mean value from the several questions that measure it). Now, my insturctions read: create 2 factors with 2 dimensions: attractivenes (low vs. high); familiarity (familiar vs. unfamiliar).

How would you do that? I went through the literature but I guess I found too much information. I read about the interdependence technique, skewnees and kurtosis and several other things that could be important. So, what would you do if you were me?

Thank you in advance!