Presenting Statisics

Not quite sure this is the right place or forum to ask this, and if it's not feel free to delete the post.

I have data that I need to present in a smart elegant and an easy way to understand on a phone device.

Data I have available are: Distance, Time and Speed.
And that for a variable number of profiles from 1-5.
I need the data presented in different time periodes.
A Day, Week, Month, and a year.
Data for the total period data has been collected, the current average and avrg for a month and 1 year.

Also i need to compare results ranging from 1-10 in points with the data above, time distances and speed.
To see how distance speed and time reflects the time periode where the points are good.

Ill gladly accept any form of help, may it be research articles, links, pictures.
What kinda graphs should i look into etc.
Thanks a lot!