Presenting Student Data to Board of Directors

Hi all, I'm a member of a Board of Directors and will be presenting to them later this week some data that I've compiled for them. The data relates to recipients of our programming - to what extent and how they've participated, and whether they've remained at the primary facility where our programming is offered.

I'm hoping for your help drawing out some inferences or conclusions from the attached data (this is only a small portion of the data I'll be presenting, but where I need the most help). 'Students' or 'Old Students' refers to those who have completed one of our courses. 'Servers' refers to those who have completed one of our courses and then gone on to volunteer in the management of a course for other students. 'Facility' refers to a particular prison where our programming is offered. A student may not remain at a facility if they are transferred, released, or deceased.

With what you see here, what can you say about the relationship between students' number of courses completed and the likelihood of their remaining at the facility? Is it that those who have completed more courses are more likely to stay, or that those who stay are more likely to complete more courses, or both? What other data would I need to be able to make one of these statements more definitively?




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Data provided as a pdf isn't nice to work with. If you provide it in a nicer form you'll have a higher chance of receiving help.