Probability of an event

A woman bears two babies and they both die.

The case goes into court and they hire a statistician to figure out what the chance is of a woman having her two children die at birth. The chance appears to be 1/1000000. After some years of heavy judicious discussion in court, things ended up well for the woman after all. They took into account that these deaths happened in a country with a population of around 10 000 000 people. Thus, the fact of children both dying at birth occurs frequently in that country.

I do not understand this reasoning. Would that not make it 10 deaths of 2 babies per 10 million? 1/1000000=0,000001 and 10/10000000=0,000001. I get the same result. I do not understand.

How does one reach the conclusion that the extra factor of the event occurring in a country with population ~10 000 000 makes the event more (or very) likely to occur as opposed to being a rare event?

Thank you for reading.