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can anyone help me with this question. a company manufactures computer chips. the machine that makes these disks produces 5% defective chips. the inspector selects a sample of random 100 disks each week and inspects them for defects. i have to describe the sampling distribution of the sample proportion of defective ships and standard deviation. then the next question says if more than 10% of the chips in the sample are defective the manufacturing process is stopped and the machine readjusted. what is the probability that the process will be stopped to readjust the machine?


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the mean percent defective in the samples will be the same as the percent defective in the population, so it's 5%

the standard deviation is the square root of (n*p*q) where q=1-p

use the normal approximation to the binomial to determine the probability of getting 10% defective or more in a sample