Proper name for scores calculated via formula


Often in my field folks will take various count data and apply some formula to input different information and output some sort of summary. An example is readability scores:

What is this act of data manipulation called?

I'b played with ...

  • data transformation
  • data summarizing

Is this technically a statistic?

More here I lack terminology of what these are called.


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What is this act of data manipulation called?

Heuristic (I think)

Is this technically a statistic?

Without having any idea about the population or the source of stochastic element, it is really difficult to comment on the score formula.

I tried to check the first paper where it is discussed. I didn't get. I found this one. But I guess you have already got this one.


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About the term "statistic," it is conventionally explained that a parameter describes a value in some hypothetical population, while a statistic is the estimate of that parameter that we actually observe.

As for your example, I would just call that sort of thing a score.


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i think i side more with Dason that you can call it a 'statistic' because it's estimating something from the population. now, whether that something makes sense (or is even defined in the population) is a whole different (and substantially more important) matter.


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Well Dason ninja'ed me a bit, but in any case, I don't think our two posts are really at odds, since as you say, basically any function of data that you can compute (statistic) can be conceived of as having some population analogue (parameter). More to the point for this thread, I would discourage trinker from trying to think of some technical-sounding term other than something bland and generic like "score" or "value" or whatever.