Question about missing values in SPSS

So in the picture below you see how it looks like in SPSS.
Is it allright I use it like this in my analysis? Or should I consider something?

Because the last scale you see, is one I computed using job insecurity and income together to indicate precarity. But for example if someone didnt fill in income, the whole thing is blank, and also when someone didnt fill in job insecurity.

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There are many different ways SPSS can help you deal with missing data, but you're going to have to decide what you want to do. Most often, you will either remove/ignore those cases or use SPSS to estimate a response. But SPSS can't tell you which to do -- it can only do whatever you decide is best. And that is going to be based on a lot more than the snippit of data we see here. Are there a lot of cases with missing data, or just a few? Are the cases that are missing data missing a lot of variables or just a few? What type of data are the missing variables (nominal, ordinal, scale)? What type of analysis are you trying to run on the variables with missing data? Each of these questions will help you figure out how to deal with missing data.