Questions about Statistical Evaluation of Likert Scale

Hello, everybody,
at the moment I am evaluating a survey and a bit desperate how to proceed.
In my survey, I tested 8 hypotheses by querying a dependent and an independent variable (both scaled Likert) respectively.
Example of one question set: "Have you already noticed the series 'Currently popular on Netflix'? (Likert scale) and "Has this affected your decision making? (also Likert scale)
Now I want to test how strong the influence of the first question is on the second one and so far I am still very undecided about the procedure. On the one hand, the ranking correlation according to Spearman would be appropriate, but it only analyzes correlations and this is not the same, is it?

Thank you very much for your help!


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Are you trying to run a regression model or generate correlations?

There is dispute if its legitimate to use a Likert scale variable as a dependent variable in linear regression (formally you have to have many levels of a dv to use linear regression). With 5 levels it would probably be ok....although it might be useful to run ordinal logistic regression and see what the results of those are (but interpreting that method's parameters is not simple).