quick biosci stats question

Hello all, I have a list of patients with their corresponding diagnosis (type of nerve disease) that they received from their primary care provider.

Along with this, I have the same patients' subsequent diagnosis as provided by a specialist (neurologist) at a tertiary health centre.

I was wondering how I could statistically analyze this data to see how accurate the diagnosis from the primary care provider is, assuming the specialist's diagnosis is always correct.

I feel like this is a very simple question, so forgive me, I am just used to testing for differences between group means...

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!



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Hello I'm definetly not an expert.

But I think you could determine this with the sensitivity and the specificity.

With the specialist as reference: give value 1 for every case

For primary care: give value 1 if it corespondse with the specialist or give value
0 if it doesn't.

You can determine true/false positives and true/false negative.