R Studio Markdown text formating

hello there!

I am using R studio with R markdown (converting the report to html website). I have one question and I am quite suprised that I couldn't find an answer to it on the web. How do I format text- like justifying, making new paragraph or an indent in the first line of each paragraph?


include css styling sheet and link to in yaml or include as a style tag in the Rmarkdown document. The documentation is there but maybe it's hard to find. After searching with this in mind, can you let me/us know if this helps or you need more direction.
Thank you! I managed to create new css file, saved it in the right directory and managed to make it works with R studio(I mean I see that the layout is different but not in the way I wanted). I am total newbe and I have probably put the wrong css(I have no experience with that) command in wrong place, I have added "margin: 0 auto" in body chunk.

@media print {
* {
background: transparent !important;
color: black !important;
filter:none !important;
-ms-filter: none !important;

body {
margin:0 auto;