Rank data


I have a question where I ask respondents (close to 100) to rank 5 attributes :

Rank 1 for highest importance and 5 for lowest

attribute_1 : Rank =
attribute_2 : Rank =
attribute_3 : Rank =
attribute_4 : Rank =
attribute_5 : Rank =

How can I analyse the result. What test is applicable?


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Yes, are you interested in gender differences in these rankings, age, or ranking versus ranking. There are nearly an unlimited number of possibilities.
The question is as follows :

While making a purchase, whose opinion do you consider (please rank 1-5, 1 being highest rank and 5 the lowest)
______ Peers (1)
______ Distributors (2)
______ Social Media (On-line/Offline) (3)
______ End Customer (4)
______ Dedicated sales force (5)

The end objective is to find out whose or what medium influences the most


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That are different ways to do this. One approach is to just give them a value between 1-5 (like above), then sum up all of the responses and divide by the total number of responses, you may want to also report the standard deviations because some items may get 1's and 5's, while another may always get 3s, they could have close to the same average by differ dispersion.

Another way to do it may be to just report how many 5s each had.