Real world measure - Emergency Services

I work for an emergency service provider.

We measure calls for service where our responders are required to arrive at an emergency incident within 15 minutes. Naturally we keep routine information regards the volume of incidents that were attended pre 15 mins (hit) and post 15 mins (miss).
Right now I am exploring a way to look further at the data. Basically, for each emergency incident we also record the Time to Dispatch and Travelling Time.

As such I am looking for ways to find out any additional insight how these obvious measures correlate to each other (Time to Dispatch and Travelling Time). Could anyone provide advice on how I could potentially measure this where I would gain a new perspective around the overall emergency data ?

Any help from this community would be greatly appreciated.

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I created a variance-covariance matrix as well as the correlation matrix, and the data seems to be independent (meaning looks random). May I suggest looking at other factors that are not times that are used in the calculation of the 'Time to Scene". Also, comparing the hits to miss may give insight. If you have other factors or data you collect there are other methods that could be applied. List out what other data types you collect and I can give some ideas. Some things I suspect that could be of interest are age, gender, county, type of call (heart attack, overdose, etc.)...