really lost someon help!!!

I have only one question left that I have no idea where to start if someone could help me please

Q. You wish to open a new restaurant and are considering locations in Edmonton and St.Albert, but only one location will actually become available. If it's built in Edmonton, the restaurant stands an 80% chance of successfully surviving its first tear. However, if it is built in St-Albert, its chance of survival falls to 65%. It is estimated that the chance of St-Albert being available is 60% and Edmonton being available is 40%. Find the probability that the restaurant will

a-survive its first year
b-be built in Edmonton and survive its first year
c-be built in St-Albert given that it survived its first year
d-not survive its first year, given that it is built in Edmonton
Please please help me I have no clue:shakehead
Thank you so much just saved my life.. Funny someone else had the same problem. Yu were a great help better than my real tutor..her answer to my question was don't worry it's not worth many points. Can you believe that anyways thanks:) :)