Reason for your degree?

Hey guys, I need a big favour from you all, if you wouldn’t mind. I have to put together a study for my Stats intro class and I was hoping to get some of the data from you all. :)

The question is:

Which reason has most influenced your degree choice: career aspirations, interest in the material, outside influence, or skill in the subject area? Please pick the most applicable option.
You can answer by reblogging publicly or messaging me privately, whichever you prefer. Also, if you could indicate your age and gender that would be great!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate this! :)


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One problem with the survey is that poster's here often have more than one degree. Also a lot of people are going to say, or want to say, several of the answers which are not mutually exclusive. For my statistics degree career aspirations would be the best response.


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interest in the material

Do you care what the degree level is or its area? I don't have a Stats degree, but one that required multiple stats courses. Not trying to be negative, but your question could be structured better, presented in a more aesthetic way, and specific.


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You might want to consider saying terminal degree (although a practical problem with that is a terminal degree could be either or both of your last degree or your highest degree. Sometimes, as in my case, that won't be the same thing).