Regression analysis with T1 and T2

Hi, I conducted a longitudinal study (2waves, 1st wave was in March 2019, and 2nd 6 months later) and wanted to ask how to analyze the data in SPSS using T1 and T2. What is the exact name of the analysis and what steps it requires (such as: Analysis-> Regression -> Linear)? I want to analyze the relationships between 4 variables and 2 other variables, in both waves of the study.


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If all you want to do is know how to do the code it would be better to do this in the SPSS forum. I don't really see a regression related question in this.
Thanks for the answer. I would like to know what regression should be used to analyze the longitudinal study, so the regression forum seems adequate to me. Anyway, thank you for the idea, I'll ask also in the SPSS forum.