Regression Analysis

I am looking for a Introductory Regression Analysis book. The extent of my education is Elementary Stats in college, is there more knowledge, of other areas of mathematics, I need before going into an introductory course of Regression Analysis? I'd also like a book that shows formulas with introductory examples and applied problems to go along with the section.

I've been looking to buy "A Second Course in Statistics: Regression Analysis (6th Edition)" (ISBN: 0130223239) from Amazon, but it doesn't show any reviews that would tell me what I'd need as a prerequisite to buying the book.

If anyone would be helpful and let me know. I'd appreciate it greatly!


TS Contributor
No, you don't need anything more than an intro level stats course before taking a class on regression. I would recommend the following book as a good, basic coverage of the topic, including very good examples:

Regression Basics

The author does a nice job of starting with a basic single variable regression and moving on to multiple regression without overwhelming the beginning student....