Repeated Measures ANOVA Inquiry


I'm new to statistics and looking for some guidance on choosing my variables for a repeated measures ANOVA.

My data set consists of 4 dependent variables:
1. Gait speed
2. Balance test
3. Leg strength
4. fatigue rating

I'm trying to determine the difference between each of these measures when performed at different times per day:
1. Morning
2. Evening

My thought is that the Indep variable is the time of day and when running in SPSS I would enter morning and evening as the within subjects variable.

column 1: value labels used for the IV 1.00 is morning, 2.00 is evening.
column 2: scores on gait speed, then scores for each of the other measures when done in morning
column 3: scores on the same 4, when measured in the evening.

Can anyone let me know if I am setting this up correctly?

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 6.56.49 PM.png