Repeated Measures ANOVA test

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I need to run a Repeated Measures ANOVA test using a given dataset but the dataset is a bit confusing and I can't find much correlation within the data.

An example of a Repeated MEASURES ANOVA test would be: 6 subjects had their fitness levels measured on three occasions: pre-intervention, after 3 months and post-intervention. This kind of data makes sense to me because we have one group of subjects and we measure changes in the mean score over 3 different time periods. However, the data that I've got makes no sense to me because there are no time periods included.
I'm just confused which variables I should select? The last column refers to exercise. 1 represents frequently (people who exercise a lot), 2 represents some and 3 represents none. But all these are independent and I need variables that correlate. Wr. Hnd span refers to the writing hand span and NW to non writing hand span. W.hnd represents right and left hand. Smoke: 1 None, 2 Occasionally 3 Often 4 Heavy. Gender: 1 Male 2 Female.

students data2.png


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The datasheet for SPSS repeated measures anova contains 1 (and only 1) line for each subject.
Why are there (at least) 23 lines - you wrote about n=6 subjects? And where are the three
variables containing fitness levels at t1, t2, t3?

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This is the dataset I've been given. I need to run a repeated measures anova using this data set. I can choose what I want to compare but this data makes zero sense to me.