Repeated measures with covariate


My study design include two indepedent catagorial within-subject variables and six continuous dependent variables.

First, I want to make sure my analysis is correct- I'm using the "General Linear Model- Repeated Measures" option in SPSS and enter my independent vairables into the within subject factor and my six dependent variables into the measure box.
Is this kind of analyse consider as MANOVA or something else? is it the right kind of analysis in this study design?

Second, I want to control the order of my first within-subject variable (half of the subjects received the intervention in the first session (coded as "1"), and half of the subkects received the intervention in the second session (coded as "2"). In order to do that, do I just need to put the order variable in the "covariate" box? Do I need to transform the variable into dummy variable (0,1 instead of 1,2).

Also, I wanted to make sure about the interpretation of the data- the results reflect the effect of the within-subject variable, without the effect of order?

Thank you!
Thank you for your response. The link is very helpful.

I wonder what is the difference between using MANOVA or GLM repeated measures? What are the consequences of using the last instead of MANOVA?
there are any differences in entering the order variable as a covariate in the two methods?
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To the best of my knowledge (at least up to SPSS 23.0), menu option "GLM repeated measures" allows for only one dependent variable (followed over many repeated measurements), and you need to analyze many dependent variables at once. In other words, you need to run repeated measures MANOVA instead of repeated measures ANOVA.