Reporting occurrances

Hi all, newish poster here (I think I posted once before?)

I have a ten year period and in each year there are a differing number of birthdays. I've then got data for different coloured balloons but some of the birthdays may have more than one of the same colour balloon. Thats why I don't think I can show them as a simple percentage?

Any ideas how can I represent the occurrence of blue, red,green balloons per year over the ten year period?

Or am I overthinking this? Is the best way simply to do a bar chart and label the year with the number of birthdays?


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Welcome, BenHoughton.

So you only want to present the data?
There are many correct ways to present data. When I need to present data I usually try several options and then choose the best for my personal opinion.

You may create stacked bar char per the number of balloons, with different bar colors identical to the balloons' color.
And another one with only the number of birthdays.
Another option is to do the stacked bar for the birthdays. If the birthday has more than one color, you count with frictions:
200 red, 600 green => 200/800 red, 600/800 green (or only 0.5, 0.5 if you don't have the data)
Thank you for the response, stacked bar could be the best option. What else do you suggest I do with the data? I didn't think there was much manipulation left?


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You should know what are your questions.
Statistics is a "tool" to answer your question.
If your question is how to present the data, than stacked bar may be a good way.