Reporting of Fisher's exact test??

I used a Fisher's exact test to look at one of my 2x2 tables with low cell counts. I have no idea how to report that in my paper.

For example, when I run a F Test I usually write (F=???, p<???)...

What do I write for a fisher's exact test in parenthesis?


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Report in a similar fashion, but instead:

(Chi, df = x; P=z)


(G=x; P= z)

some just use:

(p=x; FET)

depending on the your reporting standards.


Thanks for the quick response. I am really nor familiar with reporting standards. I usually publish qualitative work and hardly ever a quantitative piece.

When I look at your answer, I know Chi stands fro even though I ran a fishers exact, that still classifies as a chi square? I know what the df and p stands for.

In your second option, what is G?

What is the most common way to report this you think?

Thanks so much already, Steph