Reporting results of nonparametric regression

I am wondering how you present the results of non parametric regression test.
I run the nonparametric regression using R, and the package np

I get p- values but no df or t statistic.
For example

> library(np)
> prop <- npreg(Respprop ~ Colony + Localden + Agg.prop, regtype = "ll",bwmethod = "cv.aic",gradients = TRUE, data = resp)

> summary(prop)

Regression Data: 176 training points, in 3 variable(s)

No. Complete Observations: 176
No. Incomplete (NA) Observations: 8
Observations omitted or excluded: 5 14 41 98 114 165 181 184
Colony Localden Agg.prop
Bandwidth(s): 1783119425 3.558041 0.4823368

Kernel Regression Estimator: Local-Linear
Bandwidth Type: Fixed
Residual standard error: 0.205017
R-squared: 0.2364211

Continuous Kernel Type: Second-Order Gaussian
No. Continuous Explanatory Vars.: 3

> npsigtest(prop)

Kernel Regression Significance Test
Type I Test with IID Bootstrap (399 replications, Pivot = TRUE, joint = FALSE)
Explanatory variables tested for significance:
Colony (1), Localden (2), Agg.prop (3)

Colony Localden Agg.prop
Bandwidth(s): 1783119425 3.558041 0.4823368

Individual Significance Tests
P Value:
Colony 0.69173
Localden < 2e-16 ***
Agg.prop < 2e-16 ***

For the normal regression tests I did with other data, I presented the sample size, degrees of freedom, t statistic and the p value.
So how do I present the results of the above nonparametric test like the normal regression tests?

Any advice and input will be greatly appreciated!
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Not familiar with the package. Perhaps typing

??Np or is it ??(np)

May help you review the source documentation and understand what occurs.