reporting statistical results

I am wondering if this is the correct way of reporting significnat differences between correlations:
"Conversely, males’ self-serving cognitive distortions, r = .65, n = 163, p =.001, were more highly and significantly associated with externalizing problems than self-debasing cognitive distortions, r = .27, n = 158, p =.001." Do I need to add the bold data?
Do i need to supply the statistical information when reporting non-significant results? E.g.,
"The results showed that there were no significant differences between the association of self-debasing, r = .58, n = 182, p =.08, or self-serving cognitive distortions r = .44, n = 184, p =.08 with internalizing problems."

It depends on what you are trying to say and what your research hypothesis / hypotheses are. Sometimes it is helpful other times a n.s. will suffice. Not much help I know, but with stats there are often no hard and fast ways to conduct, report, etc. Several ways to say and do the same thing. The key is finding the "BEST" for your purpose. More like an artist creating a it a n.s. or sig. masterpiece :tup: