Results of election


I just has a question in regards to what number to use for sample size.....I've showed my work below and just want someone to look over it

U.S. Senate Race
Q: Suppose the election for U.S. Senate were held today. Would you vote for Paula Hawkins, the Republican, or Bob Graham, the Democrat?
Graham 47%
Hawkins 41%
Undecided 7%
Refused 5%

# of registered voters are 959

I need to predict the results of the election....

I've omitted the undecided and refused so now my sample size is 845

I came up with that number by taking

.47*959=451 and .41*959=394

then adding 451+394 =845

from there for the sample proportion do I use .47 again or do I do this

394/845= 0.466