Robust Factorial Repeated Measures Anova in R with the WRS2 package

Hello! I'm trying to run a somewhat esoteric statistical test, and I'm having trouble.

The experiment is a repeated-measures design, and the variables are type (2 levels) and height (3 levels). There are lots of zeros in the measurement variable, and so parametric tests are inappropriate.

Andy Field's book suggests a Robust Factorial Repeated Measures Anova in R. Supposedly, the WRS2 package in R provides the tools for running this esoteric test. Unfortunately, I don't see that the relevant function (rmanova) actually allows for a 2-way repeated measures anova - only a 1 way. The 2 way test (t2way) does not seem to support a repeated design (unless I'm missing something).

Can anyone provide some help here?

Thanks in advance.