Running complete and reduced model regression in SPSS


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Michael and I am currently doing my homework. I have encountered some problems that I don’t know how to solve. It is about SPSS (I am using IBM SPSS Statistics 23) and running multiple regression models. I have tried to search for help in the search bar of this forum, but unfortunately, I was notified that It was not working.
For my homework I need to run two regression models to test for their usefulness. 1) A complete model and 2) a reduced model.

1) Complete model
I need to test if 3 independent variables (= AGE, BONSAL and PESTIM) are jointly useful for the complete model. I need to create a table which shows the regression equation, the coefficient of determination and the answer to the question whether the variables AGE, BONSAL and PESTIM are jointly useless or useful for the complete model (by using 1 test), with the list of the significant independent variables.
My understanding is that I must run a Linear Regression Test by inserting the independent and dependent variables into the regression and then run them. This, however seems a little bit too easy for me. Can somebody help me with: How to run a correct linear regression and how do I interpret it with regards to its usefulness? Examples are welcome.

2) Reduced Model
The 2nd part of my homework is about the reduced model. I need to create a new table that gives the same information. But now I must omit AGE and BONSAL out of the model. The question remains the same as the previous one but now for this new model with the variable PESTIM. How do I run the reduced model? And how should I interpret the results? Can somebody give me examples?