Satistics skewness

if statistics skewness is -1.401 for a small sample of 17.what does it mean? Does it mean it is skewed to the left? or to the right? Is -1.401 a significant number at all? not sure what to make of it. I tried searching on the internet but to no avail.

Mean 14.05888<<<<<<<not close to median so not symmetrical?
Median 15.00000
Sandard deviation 5.25965
Skewness -1.401 <<<<<< what does this mean?

I know this is a simple and probably idiotic question but please help dudes.....and dudettes.:confused:

also does anyone know how to generate histograms chart when using the comparing means analaysis?


TS Contributor
It is skewed to the left, but only slightly.

Skewness is a relative term, and you need to examine the histogram as well as the skewness number in order to "judge" it.