Screening Data

Hi everybody,

I'm new to SPSS and also new to this forum, I have a statistical project to handle soon and I'm trying to do my best to achieve the most I can in these few days.
What does it mean, roughly speaking to "ensure the data are suitable for an analysis? which of the options from the "Analyze" I have to consider and then go through?

Any help will be extremely appreciated!!
thank you in advance!


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It partially depends on what analysis you're going to do but I would assume that it means to investigate your data graphically and by making some descriptive statistics to see if there is anything weird going on. If you plan on doing any sort of hypothesis test or building a model then ensuring that the data is suitable might also mean making sure that the assumptions that go along with the test/model are adequately met or at least figuring out where those discrepancies might lie so that you can deal with them appropriately.