Seeking help for the interpretation of model fit indices

Hi everyone...
Please help me with the following question
I'm doing my research that one of it aims is to test the model fit of a particular model. I'm having a problem to draw the conclusion of the fit of the model since it has various model fit indices that show different result.
Below is the value of those fit indices:

Chi Square = p<0.001 --> Not Fit (sample is more than 200)
CMIN/DF = 1.77 (<5) --> Fit
RMSEA = 0.058 (< 0.08) --> Fit
GFI = 0.813 (<0.90) --> Not Fit
TLI = 0.943 (>0.90) --> Fit
CFI = 0.949 (>0.9) --> Fit

According to those figures, how should I conclude the fit of the model?

Thank You...