Should I use one-way repeated measures ANOVA here?


this is my experiment:
  • n users will use 4 different user interfaces (A-D) for exploring the content of a web site.
  • I will systematically permute the order in which they use the different interfaces.
  • After using an interface, a user has to fill out a questionnaire:
    • Q1: The interface was easy to use [1 to 10]
    • Q2: I was able to find everything I was looking for [1 to 10]
    • ...
I want to test hypotheses such as
  • With regard to Q1, interface A performed best.
  • With regard to Q2, interface B did not perform significantly worse than the best one.
  • ...
Technically, I am able to perform a one-way repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS. However, I wonder if this is the right choice at all!? What do you think? Should I use it or better something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Best regards, Tim.