Significance between ratios?

I'm performing a survival analysis where I compare between 2 conditions in one cell type (cell type 1) vs two conditions in the other (cell type 2).

The "Recovery factor" = Survival Condition1/Survival Condition2
Survival Condition1 and Survival Condition2 are each calculated from the mean of 4 biological repeats (each with a technical triplet).

I want to determine if there is a significant difference between the RF factor of Cell type 1 vs that of cell type 2, can this be done? :confused:

Hope that makes sense!


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I know it is good to present a direct questions, but given your context, the question comes off confusing.

Can you write out the model's structure and define the terms? I get you are doing survival analysis and have some type of composite variate in the model, but I am missing the connection to your question.