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I have a simple question that I hope someone here can help me with. I'm not sure if this is the correct place or the proper website to ask his question.

Say that 1:30 people in the entire state of New York earns exactly $10,000 per year. In one particular department store that's located in the state had 3,000 shoppers in it. Would it be correct to come to the conclusion that, based on the 1:30 static, at least 1 to 100 shoppers in the store at that particular time made $10,000 per year?


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Anything can happen due to randomness. This is the case of binomial distribution. Please check out the link. Having that said, because the sample size is big (3,000) the sample proportion of customers making $10,000 will be close to 1/30. The Law of Large Numbers will work.
Not quite sure what you mean by "at least 1 to 100". Do you mean "at least 100"? No, I am not confident that it would be at least 100. We expect *around* 100, but it could easily be more or less. // And of course the whole question assumes a random group of shoppers. If this is a high end, expensive, store, there may be nobody making $10,000 a year shopping there!