Solving Regression problem in excel.

I got this regression assignment from prof and dont know what to do. Can someone plz help me with it? See attachment:

Thanks in advance & God bless you all


Click here for a walk through of regression in Excel
1. What is the correlation coefficient?
I'm not sure what is being asked here. There should be more than one correlation coefficient.
2. What percentage of the variation in price is explained by the three independent variables?
You probably need to do some googling here. This should be easy to turn up what you want. (Hint it's easily found in Excel's output)

3. What is the regression equation?
This is linear algebra. here is an explanation of the equation.

4. How much would you expect to pay for a 2,000 sq ft 4-bedroom house on a lot size of 6,000 sq ft?
Now you got an equation just plug in the new numbers and solve