some help with my stats module please!

would be grateful to anyone who could start me off here!!

in a sociology survey, independent random samples of single partnered and widowed/divorced people were asked whether friends and social, job/primart activity or health/physical contributed most to their well being.
results as follows

single with partner widowed/divorced total
friends&social 41 49 42 132
job/primary activity 27 50 33 110
health/physical condition 12 21 25 58
total 80 120 1 00 300

perform a statistical test by hand to investigate whether martial status and the factor contributing the most to well being are associated.

my workings

- null hypothesis .... there is no correlation between someones martial status and friends and social which contributes to wellbeing.

(i think this is the factor that contributes most to well being?? well going by the figures above..)

- the expected frequencies under the null, overall test statistic ( a bit unsure.. do i do % of the results above also what does overall test statistic mean?>>)


TS Contributor
A chi-squared test is most appropriate here, which tests whether or not the two categorical variables are related.

Check out our Examples section - we have a post that talks about chi-square tests.