Split file with 65 variables, 24 cases and 12 raters, into 65 separate files

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding splitting a file in SPSS.
I have a large datafile which I would like to use for Fleiss Kappa analysis.
There are 12 raters which judged 24 cases for 65 characteristics.

I would like to split the large file into 65 separate files, because I would like to do 65 separate Fleiss kappa analyses.
I would like the 65 files to contain 24 rows for the 24 cases, and 12 variables for the 12 raters, so a 24 by 12 table.

At present the big file looks like this: (288 by 65 table)

******xx variable 1 variable 2 .... up to variable 65
rater 1
rater 2
rater 12
rater 1
rater 2

I have tried to do this using the SPSS split file or split into files command, but this does not create the files I need. Also, I have searched the internet for a Syntax, but was unsuccesful.

Is there anyone who can help with a Syntax command or other way to solve my problem?

Thanks for reading my question. I would sincerely appreciate any advice.