SPSS help needed for recoding a Variable

I need help regarding recoding a variable in SPSS. I have got a file in which in response to a Question is multiple entries and respondents have ticked any combination which they felt, were the case. Now someone has already entered the data in SPSS data entry view in which in one column, I can see different combinations of answers. For example in this question respondents were asked if they would like help from family, friends, social services, hospital, doctor etc and people have given various combinations, which have been entered in this column. So now I am seeing the data with one column, showing multiple combinations of this question. I want to recode this already entered data in such a way, that every possible entry is recorded and then when I run the descriptive statistics, it gives me frequency counts. So my question is how to recode this existing data in one columns which contains various combinations.
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Tell SPSS to look for the relevant strings ('Family', 'GP', 'ED' etc.) within the existing variable:
char.index finds out at which postion such a string starts within an entry for this variable.
If the string is not contained, the result is 0. Therefore:

IF(char.index(Q2AccesstoHelp,'Family') > 0) family = 1 .
IF(char.index(Q2AccesstoHelp,'GP') > 0) general.practioner = 1 .



Thanks Karabiner.
Can you guide me where to put up this formula and make a new variable in SPSS. I have tried Compute Variable dialog box but it doesnt allow me to type any formulas by myself.
Sorry for bothering you but would you be kind enough to guide me a bit more visually through this process
Many thanks


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You can use the Compute Variable window, with its „If...“ window. Or you can use an SPSS Syntax window. For the use of either of these , please consult the SPSS manual or some online tutorial etc.

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