SPSS-PROCESS-HAYES Mediation-Model 84

While HAYES offers guidelines on how select his basic models in SPSS (http://www.regorz-statistik.de/en/tutorials_en.html), I am trying to write the syntax for his Model 84 (picture below)
I have 956 respondents, and my X (indep. var) has 4 cases.

My solution: process y=purint/x=type/m1=adper/m2=credib/w=mpe/plot=1/mcx=4/ model=84/seed=956.
The Error message: "You must specify a model number or a custom BMATRIX specification" + Error " You must specify an M variable for this model"

Thus the model is not recognized, although it is in the book, and further both mediators (m1 and m2) seem not to be accepted.
The syntax guidelines do not help: http://www.regorz-statistik.de/en/process_3_syntax.html

Can I fix the syntax? Or can I not us the model at all?

Thank you sooo much for any help!