SPSS Table Layout

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a png-file for an SPSS table, which sounds like an easy task. However, if I copy the table e.g. to MS Word or MS PowerPoint, the table as a bold frame which is not shown in SPSS. I changed the table layout in the preferences, but it didn't help...

Can somebody tell me how to avoid the bold frame?

You're just right clicking, selecting copy, going to PowerPoint, and pasting, right?

I think your problem is in PPT or Word. Paste, then select the new table and turn off the borders from the border menu. I have no problems making the entire border disappear or get thinner. But you have to change it in your destination program, not in SPSS.

I will note that I get no border when I duplicate your example above in PPT (regardless of paste type). I get the border in Word if I select "Merge Formatting" or "Keep Source Formatting" as the paste type. If I select "Text only," I do not get the border.

Just to be clear though -- none of these options creates a PNG file. I can only create a PNG file by pasting, then selecting "Save as Picture." But you need to deal with the border before you get to that stage if you want to get rid of it. Copy it, paste it, edit it to make it look like you want, then save as a PNG.