standard error and sampling distribution?

I totally and completely lost in my statistics class. We're learning about z-scores, probability, and testing hypothesis. I have two homework questions that I don't even understand and have no idea how to even begin to approach them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1.) A certain species of dolphin breaths a mean of 2.48 times per minute with a variance of 1.05. Given the central limit theorem, if you repeatedly pull 17 dolphins from the population, what will be the variance of the mean of the sampling distribution?

2.) The population had a mean of 5.5 and variance of 8.25. Imagine taking many, many samples of size 5. Calculate the standard error of the mean using that sampling distribution.
Instead of giving you the answer, I refer you to this very clear and easy to understand lecture consisting of the sampling distribution, standard error and central limit theorem.

I recommend you go through and read it. The idea of sampling distributions is crucial to applied statistics and its worth learning and understanding opposed to memorizing the formulas.


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Because the site doesn't exist. Don't you understand. The pdf for a lecture given well over 4 years ago isn't located at the location it was on the internet four years ago anymore. Why don't you see this as a problem?!