Standardizing Similar Groups with Different Internal Variables

I am on the student government at a college, i feel like there has to be a way to create a scoring system for a organization. For example like lets say org through great events, used all its money, followed all of our guidelines. They get their budget increased by 1.125 the upcoming year. There has to be some systems like that in place for other problems similar to this. I want to take this and make it primarily formula based instead of people opinions if a org should get a increase or not.

The groups all get money from the student goveremnt but some have a line for speakers while other orgs do not. Some orgs get a field trip line, while other dont.
I want to take these groups and standardize them so we can calculate to increase or decrease their budget based on different variables of how they did during the semester.

Im not asking for a formula, i just want a example of a similar problems that took different groups of anything and made all of them standardized.