stat problem

Suppose that your sister is a Floridian orange farmer. She followed a particular orange growing method (i.e. certain type of fertilizer, irrigation method, pest control,..etc) published in an agriculture journal, Sunny Florida. She planted her 121 groves and each grove has produced certain number (Unit:lbs of oranges). An experiencing neighboring farmer calculated for her arithmetic average of these 121 numbers, which is 17,300lb and standard deviation (3,003lb) and she was told that it looks normal. Afterwards, she remembered you told her you are taking Stat 113 so she calls you on your cell phone.

1) Could you first of all, tell me how much I produced this season?
2) Can you tell me approximately the percentage of all my groves producing 11,300 lbs of oranges or more?

3) What's your estimate for the proportion of all my groves producing around 14,300 to 23,300 lbs of oranges?

4) Tell me the proportion of all my groves producing 17,300 lbs of oranges or more.

I think that i have use that the bell cuve and mu will be 17,300 and the standard deviation of 3,003
but what next:(