Stat project

I'm taking a stat class in college and we had to make two surveys, and each needed a sample size of 30.

Survey one
11 of 30 said yes
males- 4 of 12 said yes
females- 7 of 18 said yes

Survey two
15 of 30 said yes
males- 3 of 12 said yes
females- 12 of 18 said yes

I need to analyze this data, but I'm not sure where to begin. I don't expect someone to do this for me, but I need you to be as specific as possible when answering. Someone told me to use a two sample z test, but I don't know how to find standard deviation using my data, and I'm not sure thats right. I know that I have to use the 2 prop Z test, but thats about it.
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What are you trying to show? A difference between the surveys, or a difference between genders? You can do a chi-square test for each survey to see if there is a significant difference in response between males and females.
You might want to write a reply telling what it is that you are doing; that way anyone with a similar question in the future will have some guidance.