stat treatment for yes no questions

I'm an education student and doing a thesis on vocabulary competence of select students. I only know basic statistics. What statistical treatment is befitting for yes no questions?

sample question: Does your school strictly implement a 'Speak English' policy? Yes - 5. No - 7. How do you treat that kind of data?
Just completed my data.

My null hypothesis is this: There are no significant differences in the vocabulary competence of students in terms of: school factors, home factors and personal factors.

I have 2-4 yes no questions for each factors. What do I do with the data to prove my hypothesis? What type of stat analysis to use?

For example I have these set of data.

Home factors:

1. Do you use English in conversing at home?

Yes - 7
No - 6

2. Do your family members use English more often than your native language?

Yes - 0
No - 13

3. Do appreciate it when your family talks to you in English?
Yes - 12
No - 1

4. Do your parents motivate you to speak English at home?

Yes - 11
No - 2

School Factors:

1. Do teachers use English in discussing school subjects?
Y - 10
N - 3

2. Does your school strictly implement a 'Speak English' policy?
Y- 5
N - 8

3. Do you speak English in the school?
Y - 11
N - 2

4. Do your teachers motivate you to speak English?
Y - 13
N - 0

Then I have the test scores of their vocabulary exam. 30-items. 13 students. How do I treat the data to prove my hypothesis? Please help. Thanks.