STATA Logistic Regression Intepretation


My dependent variable is goes to college coded 0=No and 1= Yes. I am not sure how STATA reads/ranks the dependent variable....thus I am not sure if I am interpreting correct.
Predictor variables overeating status 1=does not overeat (reference) 2=sometimes overeat 3= always overeats and race 1= Minority 2= non-minority

Overeating Status
2-sometime OR 1.021182
3-always OR .4271361

2-nonminority OR 2.334357

What is the interpretation? Is this saying someone who always overeats has a 0.42 decreased odds of not going to college relative to someone that never overeats?
A non-minority person has a 2.33 higher odds of not going to college relative to a minority person?