State the last movie you watched and rate it

Captain America: Civil War: 4/5. A definite improvement on what I thought was a boring Avengers sequel. I haven't seen BVS, but I doubt their fight could hold up to that of Captain America vs. Iron Man. It was really good. Not too many characters, like AOU. Jeremy Renner's character and Vision were probably superfluous, but the movie didn't feel bloated. A departure from previous MCU films in that there was no central, superpower villain, but I thought the villain was adequate.

Tom Holland's portrayal of Peter Parker was phenomenal. As a lifelong fan of Spider-Man, him being my favorite comic-book character, I was happy with Peter Parker, but a little disappointed in his portrayal of Spider-Man. Still, pretty good, and better than Andrew Garfield. It's hard to judge him on 20 minutes of screen time. I look forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Citizen Kane: 2/5 stars. The ending was decent, but the rest of the movie was as depressing as Requiem For a Dream and as boring as Apocalypse Now
The Big Short: 4/5 stars. This is what The Wolf of Wall Street would have been like if it had actually been better than just good, and cared about having a meaning. What a shame the whole stock market crash was in '08. The cast was superb. Leo and Bale were great as per usual, Gosling and especially Brad Pitt were unrecognizable, and also great. But in this list of A-list actors, I can't believe Steve ****ing Carrell outacted them all. What a performance. Classic Adam McKay film.
I enjoyed The Big Short. Not a fan of the celebrity cameos used to explain things to the 4th wall. Bales character is the one I loved. Not wearing shoes and getting his hair possibly cut at Supercuts, nice.

Citizen Kane gets notoriety because it is a decent movie to us, though its use of stage actors seems over the top, but it was a great movie for the early 1940s, over seventy-five years ago. Find an old guy on the street and realize that the movie was made before he was even alive.
I'm watching two documentaries later today. I'll check back in on them with an official DV Man rating and possible "review"! (if you can call the bs I write about these movies 'reviews')

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Miller's Crossing: 4/5. Very good movie, that almost has a touch of neo-noir to it. I particularly liked John Turturro's performance (as usual) and Jon Polito's. Gabriel Byrne is like a discount Liam Neeson

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber on Fleet Street: 3.5/5 stars. I'll be the first to say that I think Johnny Depp can be a little overrated, but he really performed in this movie. Going into this musical with him, I had traumatic flashbacks of Russell Crowe singing mercilessly on end in the film adaptation to Les Miserables, but I can honestly say that I never knew Depp had such a booming, yet ironically, soft and smoothing voice. He was awesome. This is the performance I would have liked to seen in From Hell. It was like Dexter, but in 1880's London.

The first half of the movie flirted with 5 star territory, but it kind of fell of in the end. I would have liked to seen more Alan Rickman (you can never have too much Alan Rickman), but oh well. For free on Netflix, I'd certainly recommend to get you into the Halloween mood (if these murderous clowns aren't doing the trick for you).

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Notorious (1946): 2.5/5 stars. Little did my friends' parents and my parents know that when you poison your child with processed sugar, real sugar, and shoot 'em up video games from a very young age, they will grow to be incapable of thoroughly enjoying critically lauded classics from Alfred Hitchcock in the 1940's. Thanks Dad
Among all movies I recall, ***XX stands out. It totally played with my subconscious in an awesome way. It was the only movie that had such an effect on me. Other excellent movies make me happy or energetic or thoughtful, but not beyond that. I remain the same person, only much happier.
This one made me a completely different personality. The next day at the university, I found myself escalated to a super talented, charming, witty, and energetic teacher with a strange sense of humor, and a strange super fast reaction speed. I don't know where all that sht came from!!! In a normal day, I have no sense of humor, am usually lost, and am slow and boring.

I didn't mention the name so that others' judgement does not affect mine. But I welcome guesses. :eek:
The Infiltrator: 3.5/5 stars. Not Cranston's best work, as he nowhere approaches the breaking of badness in his portrayal of a real life undercover cop, but an entertaining story none the less. Overall, the film was pretty consistent and even in its enjoyability. There were few dull moments, but there were also no bad-ass, that-was-****ing-awesome moments that you would expect in a Cranston/Leguizamo (Ozzy del Veccio in Bloodline) hookup. There was a very good panning shot that I really enjoyed right before the wedding. I just wished the director took more of a risk with the two great actors he had and tapped into a The Departed feel, but oh well. I would recommend it, as long as you don't expect a fusion of Breaking Bad and Narcos.
I just watched "ink", a low-budget but awesome movie. I started watching it as some BS to kill time, but turned out the director/screenwriter had a lot of ideas in mind, and was capable of successfully animating them without any fancy sets.
Interestingly enough, I had a girlfriend who used to see this recurring nightmare involving a very ugly and stinky man crawling over her. The main character of this film resembled that incubus my gf used to see. I am from a culture where no one knows the incubus, although we have a female counterpart for it (but not a male one). So the similarity of her personal incubus and the movie's incubus was very surprising to me.

edit: OMG it has a 100% rotten tomato score. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: 4.5/5 stars. When you have the two leads as good as Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne, you can do something that other great leads said quite often: "Fuggetabouted." Great movie with a very interesting ending. Probably my second favorite Western of all time, right after The Hateful Eight.