Statistical analysis exercises

Hi all!

I am in big trouble. Is there anyone here knowing how to use the
statistical analysis programme R? If so, please give me your helping

I am quite a beginner in statistics and have now been learning it and the use of R. I have three more exercises to do with the above-mentioned programme, and I got stuck at this point. I would really need help in doing these three exercises. I know the basics of using R, but these exercises require more advanced skills (at least compared to my basic skills). The exercises are from:

Woods, A., P. Fletcher, A. Hughes 1986: Statistics in language studies.
Cambridge: CUP

(exercise 3 in Ch. 9) (oral proficiency of Chinese English students)
(exercise 6 in Ch. 10) (cloze test)
(exercise 1 in Ch. 13) (MLU)

I could need some formula of how to progress in these exercises and/or
a model of the process (R transcript) how they could be done. I would also be greatful for model answers. If you have not used R-programme, models for calculating the exercises "manually" would also be of great help.

If there should be someone to help me, please feel free to do so. I'll try to attact the exercises in this message so that you can take a look at them. I that won't be possible, I can e-mail them to you if you could
be so kind to help me.

Forever greatful for any help!