Statistical analysis in agriculture and agronomy

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I need your guidance about the analysis, as you are good at statistics.
I explain my experimental design.
Actually I inoculated 3 microorganisms (ASS-ASL and ASY using different concentrations i.e. 50-75 and 100ul/L). I wanted to check if these organisms at different concentrations affect the growth of wheat seedlings. I had 4 replicates for each treatment and 4 CK control for each treatment (No inoculation of microgranisms). As I am not clear, I can send you my raw data. I checked if different dosages of microbes promote or demote the biomass of wheat seedlings including (SHOOT LENGTH , ROOT LENGTH, FRESH WEIGHT, DRY WEIGHT SHOOT FRESH ROOT WEIGHT, ROOT DRY WEIGHT). I also think that variables may be correlated. Please note that each of the experiment is independent. Why I say variables correlated? The reason is below ground parameters may be related to above ground parameters (Shoot length, fresh weight, dry weight).
According to my understanding I want to do ANOVA and pot pretty graphs (2-3). Which test I should apply? one way Anova, two way anova or Manvoa. I also attach my data. Time is really out for me. I will highly appreciate the help. If some one is willing to help in detail, I can consider him/her to put in author list, as I am preparing manuscript.
Could you please help me in this matter?
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@Karabiner. Thanks for suggestion. I am desperate to solve this problem. Still have no clues how to proceed. It is reason, I put my question on sub forums. I hope you understand my situation. Thanks


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I think you should do ANCOVA (which is ANOVA with more than one predictor). You can put in each of the 3 main effects and other factors that influence the results such as root length. My expertise is your area is not enough to go beyond that point but there are very comprehensive books on this method. One thing you have to consider is if the original microorganisms influence the dependent variable and are correlated with each other. If they do you have to control for this somehow (again I am not enough of an expert to say how, but the writings on ANOVA fill libraries so I am sure you can find out in one of these tomes).


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I think you should do ANCOVA (which is ANOVA with more than one predictor).
I beg to differ on your description of ANCOVA. ANOVA with more than one predictor is k-way ANOVA. ANCOVA is a k-way ANOVA with a continuous covariate. ANOVA assumes that the factors are discrete, or if continuous, are studied at discrete levels, while the covariate may vary in a continuous manner.