statistical analysis of global warming/fossil fuels


I have to write a paper for a class (environmental management). I've been thinking quite a bit about global warming/weather trends and how this can be attributed to us humans/what other factors it can be attributed to.

Another thing Ive been wondering is when we'll really run out of oil (when we are likely to do so) b/c it seems to be controverse.

Could I practice my stats skills (only know the basics + multiple regression analysis) by writing a paper on that topic and analyzing what's really going on?

Or would it be very hard to use statistics for that/not make much sense, because the data is too dirty and/or the sample size too small?

Does anybody have an idea for a topic I could give the paper/an approach I could take? It would have to be related to the environment and to business (but I think most of the human factors in global warming would be able to be attributed to what's happening in companies/business anyway, right?)